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Green Tree Therapeutics

A Canadian THC and CBD Lifestyle Brand

Green Tree Therapeutics is positioned to become the first all-encompassing THC and CBD lifestyle brand in Canada.

With a distribution network of over 130 stores, Green Tree will be poised to expand in North America as legalization progresses rapidly. Green Tree will also look to immediately develop its global e-commerce platform to expand its distribution into worldwide markets further.

Green Tree will continue to develop and acquire innovative brands to enhance its product line and utilize its distribution network to deliver these products to customers quickly.


Green Tree owns a recognized and established vaporizer brands currently in 130 stores, medical and adult use dispensaries across North America.


Disposable and rechargeable varieties


Delivery of beneficial CBD and THC extracts


Rapid absorption for quick delivery of cannabinoids

Product Line Expansion

United States Expansion

Expansion Strategy

Green Tree Therapeutics is selling its vaporizers through its network of 130 medical and adult use dispensaries across North America

Current dispensaries are located all across Canada and in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida.

Green Tree first new territory will be California, which represented 31% of the 2016 legal market of North America. Following California will be Nevada and New York.

With North America tipping towards full legalization, Green Tree is well positioned to expand its distribution network and product lines across more states.

California Opportunity

On November 8th, 2016, California voted to legalize marijuana for adult use, becoming one of eight states where recreational cannabis use is legal.

California is the largest market in North America, totaling 49% of the US market and 31% of the North American market.

With already $2.8B in medical marijuana sales in 2015, California is expected to grow into the new epicenter of cannabis after its activation of the adult use market.

Green Tree will be aggressively expanding into California with its full product line to become North America’s #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Brand.



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Suzette Ramcharan


A seasoned investor relations professional with over sixteen years of experience in the mining industry. Held IR roles with publicly traded companies including Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. (acquired by Goldcorp Inc.) and European Goldfields Ltd. (acquired by Eldorado Gold Inc.).

Sean Bromley


A former investment advisor with years of experience working with public companies. Currently a director of White Gold Resources (WGO.V) and Inform Resources Corp. (IRR.V).

Quinn Field-Dyte


Mr. Field-Dyte has over nine years of experience in the financial services industry having served from 1996 to 2004 as an investment adviser and later as a consultant to Raytec Development Corp. From 2004 to 2010, he was involved in the interactive entertainment industry, working at Electronic Arts Inc. (EA Games) and co-founding Embassy Interactive Games before returning to the financial industry in 2010. Mr. Field-Dyte currently sits on the board of multiple traded companies.

Investment Highlights

“The Cannabis Market Will Never Be Smaller Than Today”1

1. Arcview Market Research. The State of Legal Marijuana Markets 5th Edition.

“The science is there. This isn’t anecdotal.”2

2. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Situation Room-Leafscience.com


Established brand currently selling vaporizers throughout Canada and the United States and expanding globally through its e-commerce platform.


Expanding product offering into THC and CBD concentrates and launch into new markets in the United States


Concentrates among the fastest growing category of cannabis consumption method.


Cannabis is the fastest growing industry since the broadband internet, expecting to grow to over $21B by 2021 and over $50B by 2026.


Priced at a discount relative to its peers and supported by an experienced and well-funded capital markets team.



Suite 800, 1199 West Hastings St., Vancouver

Phone Number:

(604) 630-3838